Marriage. Money. Divorce. Disclosure.

“No matter how a couple shares financial information during their marriage, in a divorce, both people have the right to be fully informed.” – Theresa Beran Kulat, Collaborative [...]

How Judges Make Law

I help people settle cases. Non-lawyers sometimes think that the law “is” something and that there is a “right answer”. Folks who went through law school know that is far [...]

Taming the Paper Monster

People’s lives can be complicated. When a couple gets divorced, life often gets even more complicated. Many aspects of their lives need to be untangled, including finances. That means [...]

Happy. Divorced. Facebook. Holidays.

“Happy. Divorced. Holidays.”  These words don’t usually go together.  For many, it’s more like “Tension. Divorced. Holidays” right? And what does Facebook have to do with the holidays and divorce [...]

Warrior – Peacemaker

Spiritual teachings applied to the practice of law can lead to a more joy-filled and manageable Life. This article takes a fresh look at “opposites.” By altering our perspective of things that [...]