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Relationships Evolve... We're Here to Help.

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When a relationship changes, it can change with love.

To move through these changes with dignity and respect brings a person peace.

And when changes take hold – freedom from the past to create something new.

All relationships evolve and change.

If divorce is a possibility for you or someone you care about, you’re not alone. At Trinity Family Law, we have been educating and supporting people as they transform their relationship – either through mediation or divorce – for 20 years.

If you or your spouse has decided that the marriage is over, our mediators and attorneys competently and compassionately guide you through a respectful and empowering legal process tailored to your needs. Using a problem-solving approach – we craft agreements that reflect your values and meet the most important needs of each person.

If the two of you want to explore ways to redesign your marriage and create something new, our Transformative Mediation process takes you through a series of structured conversations around areas of concern in your relationship. The goal is to find common ground and reach clear agreements to guide you in your relationship going forward. 

If you are in a committed relationship and ready to take it to the next level, our Intentional Relationship Design process provides a framework for defining what you both want and need in your relationship. Whether the end goal is marriage and a pre-nuptial agreement or something less formal, we support you in clarifying the commitments that provide a foundation for the next stage in your relationship. 

Let us help you. We have a range of services that support you wherever you are at in your relationship, including mediation and non-adversarial divorce options.

What We Do

Relationships, like people, are not static. If your relationship is at a crossroads, we’re here to help. We support people in acknowledging the changes in their relationship by creating a space and structure for dignified, respectful conversation to happen. Our services include divorce mediation, non-adversarial divorce options, as well as negotiation of pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

We Stand for Healthy Relationships

For our divorcing clients, we offer non-adversarial options like mediation and Collaborative Divorce to resolve issues out of court. For clients who want to preserve their relationship, we offer Intentional Relationship Design or Transformative Mediation processes to create something new where each person can truly flourish and each person can feel safe and prosper.

Resources That Help

For all our clients, it means tapping into resources, like those offered by Our Family in Two Homes, to gain insight into each person’s values and communication and conflict styles so that they can more effectively navigate difficult conversations and reach decisions with more grace and ease.

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