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Attorney Theresa Beran Kulat sitting at conference room table in our new offices in Oakbrook Terrace

A New Space for Collaboration

Calm, Welcoming, Safe… These are all words we tossed around when designing the new Trinity Family Law office space.

Throughout much of our history, Trinity Family Law has been located in historic homes in downtown Downers Grove. In May, we moved to a new office building in Oakbrook Terrace.

From the beginning, with each decision – floorplan, colors, furniture, artwork and other details – it has been about creating a welcoming, safe environment in this new, modern space. After all, we have witnessed first-hand with our clients and others how the environment can put people at ease when they are engaging in difficult conversations.

Think about the places you have lived in and how the lighting or use of color made you feel in different rooms. When my kids were very young, I had a small sunroom off the kitchen. We spent many hours playing and reading in that room – the light, the color, the comfy chairs were all conducive to relaxing and playing. As they got older, I could get things done in the kitchen while they played steps away. More recently, with the pandemic, many of us have become acutely aware of how well our living spaces work – or don’t – for how we are using them right now.

Think about the places you have worked and how they have impacted your ability to get things done. For example, for the last decade or so, many offices have converted to an open concept to promote more conversation and collaboration on projects. However, some studies, are showing that in reality, these spaces are resulting in less meaningful interactions.

Our new space is designed to support the work we do…

  • Two conference rooms intentionally designed for specific purposes: There is one big conference room for team meetings and mediations, one small for breakout sessions and one-on-one meetings.
  • Windows that bring lots of natural light into the rooms and accessories that mimic nature: Being able to look out at the sky or to rest eyes on the green grasses that line the conference room window sill helps people to find some calm during meetings.
  • Technology that supports our efforts: We have the ability to share spreadsheets and other documents on a screen mounted on the wall if that helps convey ideas more efficiently. We can also include others remotely if they can’t be here in person.
  • Easy access combined with ample parking and an elevator: While we miss our walkable downtown Downers Grove location, being near major highways makes it easy for clients and those considering divorce to come to our office.

Any move, no matter how much you prepare, is a lot of work. With the heavy lifting now over, the space is getting closer to how we envisioned it (we are down to the details in some of the common areas). And, we now see how well this new collaborative space works in practice for our clients and colleagues, knowing that all the effort was worth it!

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