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Divorce Decisions

The Divorce Process – Let’s Start at the Beginning

Earlier this year, we redesigned our website with the intention to provide resources for people in the Chicagoland area who are considering divorce and who want to do so with dignity.

We began with creating a graphic that demystifies the divorce process. Over the next several weeks, we will dig deeper into the Trinity Family Law process, so that you can get a sense of your next step if divorce is a possibility for you.

It starts at the beginning. You must get educated about what your divorce process options are. Gone are the days where every divorce is hurtful or hateful. Nowadays, we hear about high-profile divorces that take a more respectful approach and are described using terms like “conscious uncoupling” (think Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin).

What’s important to keep in mind is what is right for your neighbor may not be right for you. With the Trinity Family Law Process – Step 1, you find out what your options are given the unique facts of your situation.

We listen to your story, then we pull back the curtain to break the divorce process down into clear steps. We explain the terminology, go over the different ways to get divorced, and answer your questions. Our firm does this in a private meeting that you can attend alone or with your spouse (provided they have not already hired an attorney). If both of you are ready to divorce, and are in a space where you can set aside personal differences to come in together, that is beneficial in that you both hear the same information at the same time.

Our goal is that you are breathing easier at the end of the educational meeting. You will have a fairly good idea of the divorce approach that will work best given the facts of your case and what your next step is.

Click here to learn more about our process.

To schedule an educational presentation, please contact us.

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