The Trinity Process

The Trinity Family Law Divorce Process

how to transform your marriage from pain to freedom

No matter which legal process you choose (and whether you want to divorce or not), we take our clients through five basic steps to create a new relationship.


Get Educated

Learn about your options and the factors to consider in choosing a process. Our one-on-one Educational Presentation is designed to educate and answer your questions about divorce. We can meet in person at our offices or virtually via Zoom. If you’ve not used Zoom before, we are glad to set up a practice session before the meeting.


Hire Trinity

When you know you want a divorce and understand your options, hire us to represent you to settle your case.

If you choose to mediate, hire us to facilitate your conversations to help you reach agreement on the issues. We then prepare a Memorandum of Understanding for you to take to your attorneys to prepare the final agreements.


Gather Documents

Each type of divorce requires full and accurate disclosure by both spouses in order to reach meaningful resolution. Even if you want to stay together with new boundaries, providing complete financial information is necessary. We create structure and provide guidance to help organize the information and develop alternative scenarios to use in making decisions about the future.



At Trinity Family Law, our sole focus is on non-adversarial law, which means you and your spouse are part of the conversation during settlement negotiations. If you value integrity, respect and want to be involved in crafting your future, hire us.



All divorces in Illinois must be presented to a judge in order to be finalized. Other outcomes include legal separation and post-nuptial agreements. Completed documents give you clarity on how to move forward.