Collaborative Divorce via Zoom

As social distancing and shelter-in-place have become the norm, the legal world – like other business sectors – is rapidly adapting to serve the needs of clients. This means that [...]

Families and COVID-19

As Illinois adjusts to the new circumstances that COVID-19 has brought to us, families are feeling the strain. An intact family will face challenges of new routines, reduced mobility and general [...]

Marriage. Money. Divorce. Disclosure.

“No matter how a couple shares financial information during their marriage, in a divorce, both people have the right to be fully informed.” – Theresa Beran Kulat, Collaborative [...]

All Endings are Beginnings

Over the next few weeks, I will be wrapping up my term as President of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois (CLII). A member since it was created in 2002, I have served in many capacities [...]