Holistic Divorce: An Opportunity for Transformation

We are pleased to announce that Theresa is a contributing author to the new book Stress Free Divorce. Here’s an excerpt from her chapter, “Holistic Divorce: An Opportunity for Transformation”:

“Uncertainty about the law is only one aspect of the anxiety people feel at [our] initial meeting. They often struggle with much more personal issues that concern identity (“We’ve been a couple so long, I don’t know who I am.”), family (“How do I tell the children?”) and religious beliefs (“I am afraid to tell my parents.”). Underlying these issues are feelings of guilt, anger, and a myriad of other emotions.

In our practice, we acknowledge these concerns and emotions. I tell my client that, as their attorney, I will walk alongside them through their divorce. My hope for each of my clients is that when the divorce is complete, they feel stronger and more confident about the future than on the first day we met.”

To read more about the book and order your copy (paper or Kindle version), visit Amazon.com, or contact our office at 630-960-4656.

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