Families and COVID-19

As Illinois adjusts to the new circumstances that COVID-19 has brought to us, families are feeling the strain. An intact family will face challenges of new routines, reduced mobility and general [...]

Who Do You Say That You Are?

  In the early 1980s, I learned about affirmations. I took workshops and read books about them. Louise Hay was just starting out when I read and embraced You Can Heal Your Life. For years, I [...]

Keep Talking

Difficult conversations – we encounter them all the time, but what do we do? Do we avoid them altogether, forge ahead and hope all turns out okay …? In the groundbreaking book, [...]

Who is Happy?

What feeds our happiness? What factors play a role in our happiness level? In this article for Suburban Life Magazine, Theresa elaborates on the idea that one way to raise your  happiness [...]

A Beautiful Legacy

Inspired by several former clients, Theresa shares an expanded view of legacy.  Yes, it is nice to be able to pass down wealth to our children. Other ways of viewing legacy include the creation [...]

Transforming Relationships

In this first article for Suburban Life Magazine, Theresa discusses how time transforms relationships. Look back at how your relationship with a parent or sibling has changed over the years. [...]

Organization for Effective Co-Parenting

As a guest contributor to the October 2014 Piles to Smiles newsletter, Theresa writes about how parenting requires organization systems and communication skills – family calendars, dinner [...]

Happy. Divorced. Facebook. Holidays.

“Happy. Divorced. Holidays.”  These words don’t usually go together.  For many, it’s more like “Tension. Divorced. Holidays” right? And what does Facebook have to do with the holidays and divorce [...]

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