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Let’s Start at the Beginning

As a Collaborative professional, I enjoy teaching people about the non-adversarial divorce options that are available, including Collaborative, Uncontested, and Cooperative Divorce.

I’ve learned that when people are facing a life-changing endeavor like divorce, it is stressful enough without explaining it in complex legal terms.

For prospective clients, I offer an educational presentation where I listen to their story, summarize the various divorce options in simple, straight forward terms, and then discuss the pros and cons of each option given their particular situation. What I hear time and again is that they wish they could record my presentation so they could listen to it again.

In an effort to get the basics across, I created a generic presentation. It may include certain things that don’t apply to your situation. It may omit key questions, e.g., “How do we divide our pension account?” But it starts at the beginning and explains the basics about non-adversarial divorce. Take a look at the presentation here.

To schedule a custom educational presentation, please call us at 630-960-4656 or send us an email.

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